Cavallari's office Chartered accountant, Corporate law and tax Advisor

Specializations: Publications on L’Esperto Risponde (The Expert Answers your Questions) in Italian newspaper Il Sole 24 ore for banking and finance: analyses and assessments of current accounts, mortgages, leasing contracts and financial derivatives. Banking Assessments and Financial Analyses for Adusbef lawyers

The Cavallari Studio is specialized in supporting foreign companies that intend opening a business in Italy, providing full assistance for all the issues related to a business start-up: tax, tax restrictions and benefits such as Intrastat system EU triangulation, full assistance regarding taxes payable and employment legislation.
In particular, the Cavallari Studio boasta a long and consolidated experience with businesses operating in the sector of contracts with the US Government at the DOD (Department of Defence) and DOS (Department of State)

Our customers include:
SKE Gmbh
ECC - Environmental Chemical Corporation


Support for corporate consultants
The Cavallari Studio offers valid, secure support to managers, banking, financial and administrative consultants whose job entails assisting SMEs in-house and on a daily basis. All services related to wages, financial reports and statements, legal assistance with contracts can be provided as a loyal, collaborative and trustworthy form of support. Contact us to offer a full efficient service, also including online accountancy

Chartered Accountant and Tax Advisor in Padua
What we do
• Accounts management for businesses and professionals, also online
• Financial statements and periodic reports compared to ensure maximum corporate control
• Tax and civil balances, income statements and “studi di settore” (system for calculating the presumed income of particular categories of taxpayers, used by the tax authorities to combat tax evasion)
• Tax consultancy during checks carried out for the purposes of monitoring and disputes
• Tax and social security benefits and incentives, international diversification
• Financial planning: analysis of the requirements for bank loans with budget and cash forecasts in standard management or for important investments
• Business crisis management: improvement of staff efficiency, advanced agreements, debt management
• Economic banking assessments: analyses of current accounts, mortgages and loans, derivates
Consultancy Area regarding Employment and safety at work
• Management of contracts for hiring workers, and transforming or terminating employment.
• Calculation of payment due and wages, management of periodic and annual tax obligations: 770, CuD, Inail, Emens, LuL
• Tax and social security benefits for employers: apprenticeship, redundancy, training
• Analysis and assessment of the cost of employment, organizational improvement
• Business crisis management: incrementing productivity, Redundancy fund (CIG), redundancy benefits for new employers, solidarity contracts, union agreements
• Risk Assessment Document and training designed to reduce injuries in the workplace
• Procedures for protection from and prevention of civil and criminal risks in works and contracts

Legal and Contractual Services
• Assistance and defense in relation to banks, administrative bodies, civil and criminal authorities, thanks to the network of specialized Adusbef legal correspondents throughout Veneto
• Consultancy regarding contracts for reducing risks and securing credit, foreign trade
• Mediation and out-of-court settlements of national and international civil and commercial disputes
• Out-of-court solutions to conflicts regarding work and the management of disputes at work
We base our work on relationships founded on trust and esteem, while our guarantee is our long experience in the field

Establishing the prices of one’s products has become a balancing act between one’s costs and the market prices. Now there is no more room for errors, so: do you know the areas where you have profit margins? Do you know where you are losing? What strategies do you implement when deciding whether to accept an order?

The answers to these questions can only be obtained by gaining full control of the company, with frequent calculations of progress made, annual budgets and business plans spanning several years.

When you delegate the administration of your company to the Cavallari Studio in Padua, we can guarantee that we will produce reports of the main costs and revenues on a monthly or quarterly basis and compare these with the previous year’s figures. We can also draw up full quarterly reports: knowing where you are going allows you to plan your investments and your future.

For large, more complex companies, we provide support for setting up an in-house administrative system, by training and assisting staff management control and profit margin control by product or by order.

In today’s market, companies must pool their resources through business networks, consortia, and districts to obtain economies of scale that allow it to remain in the market, specializing in the process of market where we are most efficient.

The first network of professionals in the Veneto region capable of helping the businessman and meeting all administrative, tax-related, civil and corporate, banking and financial requirements (Basel 2), in addition to those related to the management control and productivity of your company:
- Padua Business and Accountancy Consultants Association reg. no. 932/A
- Padua Tax Consultants and Chartered Accountants
- Padua Business, Tax and Accountancy Consultants
- Corporate law expert registered in the Board of Padua since 1987, no. 754
- Analyses of the profitability, liquidity indexes and forecasts of future cash flows and the loans required.
- Analyses of cash flows and financial management Basel 2
- Management control performed by tax and business consultants in Padua, profitability and margins of the company
- Preparation of investment plans and budgets in the Basel 2 banking context
- Financial assessments of financial statements, titles, companies, compound interest charges, derivates, swaps in Padua
- Assistance with legal matters and contracts in Padua, Vicenza, Verona, Rovigo, Belluno, Venice, Treviso
- Financial assistance and coverage of risks regarding currency and raw materials, foreign operations, cash flow control and management of watchlisted credits or bad debts
- Online or pc-installed software for managing tax and accounts, company management, management control in Padua, control of the company’s margins and profitability connected to the studio via internet
- Since2008 Mr. Massimo Cavallari has been publishing articles and responses in the column “l'Esperto Risponde" of prestigious newspaper “Il Sole 24 Ore” on banking and financial matters.
- Adusbef consultant in Padua. Assisted financing and grants for the Businesses of the Veneto region. Each company that sells a product or a service must be capable of offering its customers and staff adequate training so that they can take advantage of all the opportunities available and feel satisfied having done so: offering free training will encourage the customer to prefer you and render him loyal to you thanks to the satisfaction he finds in what he has purchased. Thanks to inter-professional funds, your staff, the true human capital and economic driving force that every successful company should recognize, can benefit from a continuous and FREE training course in various subjects: technical, commercial, language courses etc., so allowing you to approach customers with well-trained, highly motivated resources
You will find all the articles published on the relative database

Tax and Business Consultants Portal in Padua providing assistance and consultancy for social security, accounting, juridical, tax, legal, financial and employment issues. Assessments and analyses of compound interest, contracts for derivates, swaps and calculations in the banking field and financial instruments. Analyses and budgets for better access to credit in compliance with Basel 2.

The studio performs economic assessments for Adusbef Padua and technical analyses on current accounts regarding: compound interest charges, usury, commissions of maximum overdraft, financial derivatives and the correct application of the banking current account contract.

Advising and providing assistance for enterprises and different types of companies willing to open an activity.
Bookkeeping management, budget plans, individual incomes tax return,tax and welfare.
Legal aid and legal,job and tax counselling. Job and wage management.
Free News Bulettin and bill book with our feed rss, an efficient system of fiscal, legal and welfare alerts, provided in real-time. The customers of our office also have personalized, free of charge products that allow the access to a restricted area with more detailed circulars.

Taxation for U.S. residents who receive a Managing Director's compensation in Italy

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